Brookfield Elementary School - Testimonial

Mr. Richard Masucci
Project Manager/Estimator
E.T. & L. Corp.
873 Great Road
Stow, MA 01775

Dear Mr. Masucci,
    I would like to thank you and the work crew who are rebuilding the bridge on Route 148 in Brookfield, Massachusetts. We were very concerned about how difficult it would be for staff and students to get to school during this reconstruction. Amazingly, the bridge was only closed for two school days. The inconvenience was nearly imperceptible. School has gone on as if you were not even there. I so appreciate your consideration and the hard work that was done to get us back in business again in such a short amount of time. We are fortunate to have such a diligent workforce completing this renovation.

Kathleen Hosterman
Brookfield Principal

C.c.    Daniel Durgin, Superintendent of School
    Stephen Brewer, Massachusetts Senator
    Town of Brookfield Selectmen