E.T.& L. Corp Among Massachusetts? Top 100 Women-Led Companies for a Decade

In 2002, Babson College?s Center for Women?s Leadership and The Commonwealth Institute began an annual research project regarding the consummate women-led companies in Massachusetts. With the data gathered from a survey sent to female CEOs within the state, they tabulate not only scores of comparative statistics, but they also publish a ranked list based on annual revenue. Every year, E.T.& L. has landed in the Top 50.*

  • #43
  • #30
  • #35
  • #25
  • #25
  • #24
  • #28
  • With construction making up only approximately 10% of the companies surveyed, these rankings make E.T.& L. Corp. one of the largest women-owned construction firms in Massachusetts.

    *In 2008 and 2009, the list was not published due to a change in focus; rather than studying revenue alone, the Center decided to research how women-led companies were coping with the recession.