Final Report on EBT Protection Plan

Subject:        Final Report on EBT Protection Plan for Route 6-Edgehill Road Project in Bourne

Good afternoon, Amy.

Please find attached the final report that closes the Eastern Box Turtle Protection Plan for the Bourne Scenic Highway (Route 6 – Edgehill Road) Project. As you will read, the plan was executed flawlessly without a single hitch or glitch… largely thanks to the pro-active, can-do spirit of the E.T.L. Corporation team.

Cheers from the exquisitely beautiful Cape where hatchlings are emerging this weekend.

SUBJ: Final Report – Eastern Box Turtle Protection Plan (NHESP #07-22879)

This final report closes the Eastern box turtle protection plan for the Route 6 – Edgehill Road project on the Bourne Scenic Highway, and documents procedures and activities that ensured EBT protection during roadwork from September 2008 through September 2009.

As Tom French often emphasizes, the best time to address rare species habitat concerns is during the project planning phase prior to commencement of work to minimize impact on rare species habitat and to avoid harm to listed species. To this end, E.T.L. Corporation managers and Cape Cod Consultants conducted a detailed project review before starting work. We met on site to ensure that we understood every aspect of this project that might affect the habitat and Eastern box turtles before we developed and began implementing a comprehensive turtle protection plan.

Summary: Execution of the EBT protection plan worked flawlessly. E.T.L. Corporation was dedicated to ensuring that their work did not adversely affect the protected species or the habitat. They met and exceeded every element of the turtle protection plan and have left the habitat abutting the Route 6 project in better condition than before the project. E.T.L. Corporation and its project leadership should be complimented on superlative execution of the NHESP-approved turtle protection plan.


Don Lewis
Founding Partner, Cape Cod Consultants
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