Testimonial from the Boyd Family

To Richard Bradley,

Hi, I am writing this letter to you to express our gratitude to all of the men that worked in front of our house and on the beautiful stone wall. They went beyond the call of duty. We have never seen such workers in the bitter cold, hot, rain, wind as the guys you have working for you. They are dedicated to you and the company they work for. Always smiling and a wave or a hello. I would like to comment on the (foreman) the guy with the big beard, I think he said he living in Framingham, MA. He was so wonderful to explain what they were doing and trying to inconvenience us as little as possible. Always a big smile on his face, and I still see him on the road and he always waves with that big smile. You are indeed fortunate to have such reliable, hard working men in your company.

They all are doing a wonderful job down here on the Cape with this big flyover job. You should be very proud! We are!!

Yours truly,
The Boyd family
891 Scenic Highway
Bourne, MA 02532