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Construction site of the new ramp to Interstate 93 and Route 3 off Burgin Parkway in Quincy at the Crown Colony office park.

Wondering what that new building is going to be or why workers are digging up a street? We’ll pick a project to tell you about every Monday, only in your Patriot Ledger.

Where: Burgin Parkway, Quincy

The Project: New onramps to Southeast Expressway and Route 3

Specifics: A ramp will connect the southbound side of Burgin Parkway to existing ramps for Route 3 and Interstate 93. It is intended to alleviate traffic congestion at Centre Street and Burgin Parkway. Also, a new ramp will connect the Crown Colony office park directly to Interstate 93 north. The ramp will be built at Congress Street and Crown Colony Drive. A third entry will bring people from Crown Colony Drive to Route 3 South. Existing ramps will be expanded.

Who: MassHighway

Completion: Spring