Our Work


“Our mission is to build long-lasting, quality projects that better the ‘Public Good’ and to do so in a manner that is respectful, safe and satisfying for all the people involved – ‘a job well done!’”

Learn more about what we do by visiting the sections below:

  • Road Work: We’re often responsible for building these highways that unite the communities within our State and region.
  • Bridge Work: Whether they be small or large, E.T.& L. is dedicated to rebuilding and restoring New England’s bridges.
  • Environmental: From landfills to site clean-ups, our teams are experienced and dedicated to restoring contaminated sites to keep our land healthy and clean.
  • Airports: In recent years, we’ve become involved in runway construction and reconstruction, as well as the installation of state-of-the-art Engineered Material Arresting Systems (EMAS).
  • Site Development: We’re experienced in bringing sites from initial clearing to finished landscaping.
  • Bike Trails and Recreational Facilities: These projects allow us to combine our experience with road construction and site development to create fun and useful recreational spaces for local communities.
  • Private Projects: Our varied expertise in the site development, land restoration, bridge and road construction makes us uniquely qualified to handle sensitive, high-value and comprehensive work for private individuals, corporations and organizations.