Branford, CT - Brushy Plain Road

In January of 2018, the State of Connecticut through ConnDOT awarded E.T.& L. Corp. with a $6 million project to horizontally and vertically realign a portion of S.R. 740 (Brushy Plain Road/Totoket Road) within the area known as “Snake Hill” in the towns of Branford and North Branford. The realignment will remove four sharp, substandard horizontal curves and lower the steep grade of the existing roadway to 10%. The project will involve drilling, blasting, excavation, and processing by crushing 45,000 cubic yards of rock to create the new alignment for the new right-of-way. It also includes full-depth roadway reconstruction, as well as reconstruction of the existing Lidyhites Pond outlet crossing and the reconfiguration of the surrounding drainage system. We will install 3,000 linear feet of 16” ductile iron water main for the Regional Water Authority for future use. Work is expected to be complete by the end of April, 2020.