Conway - North Poland Road over Poland Brook

Precast bridge sections (Inverset panels) that were previously used as temporary bridges / ramps during the “Big Dig” are being refabricated for use as a new bridge for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. E.T.& L. Corp.  transported three 72 foot long by 9 foot wide Inverset panels from MassDOT’s maintenance yard in Littleton to their yard in Stow to be refabricated.  Work associated with the refabrication included removing approximately 20 feet of 8 inch thick reinforced concrete decking and steel stringers, cleaning/painting of the existing steel stringers, and pouring reinforced concrete safety curb prior to shipment to the jobsite in Conway.


In Conway, the refabricated Inverset panels will be erected side by side creating a 53 foot long by 27 foot wide bridge set on precast concrete abutments, precast concrete footings and all founded on 16 inch diameter pipe piles.   Accelerated Bridge techniques were utilized in the design as a result of MassDOT only allowing 78 days for the existing bridge to be demolished and the new bridge to be built and reopened to traffic.