East Hartford - Wickham Hill Water Storage Basin Improvements

In December 2013, E. T. & L. Corp was awarded the Wickham Hill Water Storage Basin Improvement contract by The MDC.  Located in East Hartford, the Wickham Hill facility is part of the MDC’s system that provides drinking water to 400,000 customers in the Greater Hartford area.  The facility consists of two underground storage basins with a combined capacity of 4.5 million gallons.

The project includes structural, mechanical and electrical improvements to the basins and the ancillary buildings.  Improvements at the basins include replacement of existing vent and access hatches, installation of concrete access and vent chimneys, installation of access ladders, concrete and crack repair, installation of a membrane liner over the roof, installation of a solar powered mixing system,  and replacement of existing overflow piping.

The project also includes an addition to the existing Recirculation Pump Building as well as equipment replacement, valve and piping replacement, electrical upgrades, contaminated material abatement and painting at the Upper and Lower Gatehouses and the Electrical Building.  Site improvements include new drainage, perimeter fence replacement and the installation of a new electrical service to the site.