Fitchburg - Route 2A and Route 31 Bridges

In July 2011, E.T. & L. Corp. was awarded the Fitchburg – Rte 2A (Kimball St.) and Route 31 (River St.) bridge replacement project by MassDOT. Both the Route 2A and Route 31 bridges over the Nashua River were in need of repair.

The existing Route 2A steel structure and concrete pier are to be fully removed in a single phase. During construction, a temporary utility bridge will be required to support a sewer bypass line until the line can be relocated on the new structure. Each new abutment will sit on seven HP 12x84 steel piles behind the partially removed existing abutments, and support seven 105 foot precast box beams.

The Route 31 bridge will be constructed in two phases while maintaining a single lane of traffic with temporary traffic lights. The existing steel structure is to be removed while only partially demolishing the pier and abutments. A new cap will be poured on both the abutments and pier to support nine W24x92 steel beams. Both Route 2A and Route 31 bridges are scheduled to be completed in November 2013.