Green River Sewer Crossing, Greenfield MA

 In February, 2012, the Town of Greenfield MA awarded E.T. & L. Corp. a $335,000. contract to replace a sewer line across the Green River in Greenfield MA.  The original sewer line was severely damaged in August 2011 during Tropical Storm Irene.  The new sewer line consists of an approximately 170 foot long concrete encased 16” ductile iron pipe with a stone gabion mat on top. 

E.T. & L. performed the work in two phases, crossing half of the river at a time, utilizing a sheet pile cofferdam system in order to perform the work in the dry.  Once the new pipe was across the river, the tie-ins at the existing sewer manholes were completed.  Before leaving the site, we graded the slopes of the river bank and spread loam and wetland seeding.