Greenfield - Green River Covered Bridge

In February 2014, E. T. & L. Corp was awarded the Green River Covered Bridge Rehabilitation contract with the Town of Greenfield, MA. The existing bridge was rebuilt in 1972 and recently suffered significant damages from Hurricane Irene in August 2011. The bridge is a wooden covered bridge founded on a concrete abutment on the east side and a field stone abutment on the west side.

The project will begin with the removal of the existing bridge structure using two 300-ton hydraulic cranes. The bridge will be lifted using the two cranes and placed on a roller system to guide it into position behind the east abutment. Shoring of the bridge will be done while the bridge is on land. Once shored on land, several structural timbers will be replaced as well as the entire cedar shake roof and a significant amount of siding. A majority of the existing structural steel will be replaced as well, including the lower chord tie rods, all truss rods and truss rod connector plates. New steel angle clips with drilled and grouted anchors will be installed at the corners of the bridge to anchor the bridge structure to the abutments. The entire bridge structure will be treated with a fire retardant spray to protect it.

The new east abutment will be founded on concrete footings with twenty-two driven steel H-piles. The west abutment will be founded on concrete footings keyed into bedrock. Both abutments will be formed with a liner to replicate a natural stone finish. A stone veneer using the existing west abutment stone from demolition will be installed on all exposed concrete on the roadway side of both abutments. The two cranes and the rolling system will be used to place the bridge back on the abutments.

The project also includes dredging of sediment deposited in front of the east abutment during Hurricane Irene, as well as regrading and paving of the approaches. The project is scheduled to begin April 2014 and be completed by October 2014.