Hartford Landfill Phase II MSW Area Closure and Photovoltaic System

E.T. & L. Corp. was awarded the Hartford Landfill contract by the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority in June 2013. The project requires a 35 acre closure turf cap over the existing landfill, drainage improvements, a supplemental gas system, and the installation of a 1 megawatt photovoltaic system.  The closure turf cap is a two-part system that consists of the installation of a 50 mil spiked HDPE liner and an artificial turf surface. The solar panel array will be installed on the new closure turf cap and will occupy approximately 5 acres at the top of the landfill. A 3,000 foot long concrete-lined swale will be installed as part of the drainage improvements to handle surface water from the turf surface. The supplemental gas system consists of installation of 15,000 feet of pipe below the liner system.

The photovoltaic system portion of the project will be completed by January 2014.   In order to meet that deadline, E.T. & L. Corp. will complete 15 acres of the turf cap and the drainage improvements and supplemental gas system prior to the installation of the solar array.