Littleton - Nashoba Road

Nashoba Road in Littleton MA will be reconstructed from its intersection with Nagog Hill Road down to Route 2A at the Acton town line by E.T.& L. Corp. for the Town of Littleton under a
$1.5 million contract.

Full depth reconstruction of approximately 5,900 feet of road, removal of all existing pavement and existing drainage culverts are part of the work. Special borrow and gravel are being installed along with subdrain at various locations where ground water is also an issue. The re-grading of slopes and the creation of roadside drainage swales are being installed to direct water away from the roadway.

An electronic speed feedback system is being installed to warn motorists of their vehicle speed, as part of the safety improvements being implemented on this project.

The road runs alongside Nagog Pond, a reservoir and public water supply for the nearby Town of Concord. This is an extremely environmentally sensitive area to work near which requires extra mitigation measures be taken to insure that the construction activities do not impact the water supply.

This project is on schedule for completion in June of 2015.