Littleton - Route 119

On Sunday, March 28, 2010 at 2:30 p.m., E.T.& L. managers received telephone calls at home from MassDOT District 3 emergency personnel and asked to meet them at Route 119 and Spectacle Pond culvert in Littleton immediately.  Thus began a 20 day 24 hour per day emergency effort by E.T.& L. Corp. to excavate 27 feet deep, remove a collapsed stone and pipe culvert and replace it with twin 48 inch Class V RCP culverts.  Spectacle Pond had risen 7 to 8 feet above its normal elevation, flooding homes, B & M Railroad tracks and shutting down one of the town of Ayer’s well field.  Eleven emergency 12 and 18 inch diameter pumps were brought in from as far away as Michigan to pump down the pond at a rate of 54,000 gallons per minute.  The pond area had increased from a normal of 76 acres to over 150 acres in size due to the 8 foot rise in water level.  E.T.& L. had water running through the twin 48 inch pipes Sunday, April 18, 2010.  The E.T.& L. response was appreciated by MassDOT and the local residents, who voluntarily supplied food and drinks for the workers every minute of the 3 week round-the-clock work period.