Plymouth - Holmes Dam Removal

In July 2018, E.T.& L. Corp. was low bidder on a project in Plymouth, MA to remove the Holmes Dam, restore the Town Brook Channel, and reconstruct the park. Removal of the dam is part of an ongoing effort to remove dams and other barriers to fish migration from Town Brook, which will have direct benefits to local fisheries and the ecosystem. Discharging near Plymouth Rock, Town Brook is the annual spawning route for an estimated 200,000 herring each spring. All in-water work must be suspended between April 1st and June 30th to allow fish to run. This $5.9 million project is the largest dam removal on the brook, and one of the most expensive and complex dam removal projects ever to take place in Massachusetts. In addition to the removal of the Holmes Dam, work on this project also involves the removal of an underground culvert, removal of the existing concrete fish ladder, removal of the existing stone and concrete bridge on Newfield Street, improvements to the park (including reconstruction of the skate park), and installation of sidewalk, trails, and lighting. Work is expected to be complete by the Summer of 2019.