Shrewsbury - Route 140 over I-290

In September, 2018, E.T.& L. Corp was low bidder on a project to replace the Route 140 (Boylston Street) bridge over I-290. The existing two-span, continuous steel plate girder superstructure with a reinforced concrete slab is proposed to be replaced with a similar two-span continuous steel plate girder superstructure. The proposed bridge superstructure will consist of steel plate girders supporting a concrete deck, in the same location and with the same horizontal and vertical roadway alignment, as the existing. The finished roadway surface will be bituminous pavement. Each span length will be 127’- 4”; closely matching the existing span lengths. The existing utilities will be relocated from the west side of the bridge to the east side of the bridge. The bridge will provide for a future sewer line in the outside bay on the west side of the bridge. New pavement markings and traffic signs will be added, as well as all other incidental work within the project limits. The new roadway and bridge will provide bicyclists and pedestrians with a 6’-0” wide outside shoulder and an 8’-0” wide sidewalk. The proposed design speed will be 50 MPH. Five of the eight ramps to and from I-290 will have a segment of the ramp realigned as it merges with Route 140. This new alignment will slow traffic and allow pedestrians more time to cross the ramps. The $13.5 million project is estimated to be completed in Spring 2021.