Skyline Park - Brookline Landfill Closure

With this $6.8 million project, E.T.& L. Corp. provided the Town of Brookline with a new 17-acre recreation area complete with athletic field, picnic tables, benches and playground. What makes this site so unique is its green design: Brookline decided to use its inactive Front Landfill for the foundation of the park. Thus, E.T.& L. first closed and capped the existent landfill with a 6” gas venting layer, a 40 millimeter HDPE cap, 12” drainage layer and 8” of topsoil. Then the Company set about finishing the park with landscaping and park-features. In addition to the park, the project also included a new Transfer Station and Public Works Operations area, as well as connections to the nearby but once-isolated conservation land. Consequently, the American Public Works Association named Skyline Park the Environmental Project ($10 - $100 million) of the Year in 2008.