West Hartford Reservoir Dam No. 2 Rehabilitation

In June 2012, the Connecticut Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) awarded E.T.& L. Corp. a $2.6 million contract for the rehabilitation of the West Hartford Reservoir No. 2 Dam and Dikes. The rehabilitation project will provide improvements that will address safety deficiencies, reduce risks to downstream communities and natural resources, and improve the life expectancy of the dam structures. The five major components of the 237 acre reservoir – the 1,425 foot long Main Dam, Spillway, North Dike, Division Dike and South Dike – will all be addressed.

A temporary cofferdam will be constructed to allow repair and replacement of the Main Dam mid level and low level outlet works, including new intakes, outlets and upstream and downstream gates and gatehouses. Sediment, erosion and seepage control measures will be used to protect the reservoir and downstream areas. The spillway and dikes will be stabilized with new riprap and erosion protection on upstream and downstream sides, and unacceptable vegetation will be removed.

Since the roadways and walking trails throughout the MDC area are heavily used by pedestrians, detour signs and extensive safety measures will be employed to maintain safe access for park users during the project. Work on the West Hartford Reservoir Dam No. 2 is scheduled to be complete by February 2014.