Westfield - Columbia Greenway Rail to Trail Improvement Projects

The Columbia Greenway Rail Trail is a multi use recreational trail in Westfield MA which, when completed, will join the City of Westfield with the Southwick Rail Trail and the Farmington Valley Greenway in Connecticut. Eventually, the trail will extend northward from the Westfield River to connect to the Manhan Rail Trail in Southampton and Easthampton and the Norwottuck Rail Trail in Northampton.

E.T.& L. Corp. completed the South Portion Phase 2 work in October 2014 and has now been awarded two additional contracts with the City of Westfield to complete the South Phase 3 portion as well as the Central Phase 1 portion of the project.

The work under the $698,897 South Phase 3 portion of the project caps the existing East Silver Street bridge abutments and constructs a new steel girder bridge with a reinforced concrete deck and metal bridge railing on top of those existing abutments. Additionally, just north of this bridge, a precast concrete culvert will be installed as a pedestrian underpass to connect two neighborhoods (Ashley/Taylor area and St. Dennis/Hedge area) and allow for the construction of the rail trail above. An access path will also be constructed to the trail which is to be constructed under the Central Phase 1 contract.

The work under the $1 million Central Phase 1 portion of the project will construct approximately 2,500 feet of paved rail trail from just south of the East Silver Street bridge north along the railroad bed to Main Street. Two access paths, one meeting the Taylor/Hedge access path and the other at Main Street, will also be constructed. Other work in the scope of this contract includes block retaining walls, erosion control, seeding, drainage improvements, concrete pavers, signs, pavement markings, metal and wood railing, pedestrian lighting, trash receptacles, a park bench and landscaping.

Work on these two City of Westfield contracts will begin in the spring of 2015 and will be completed by the end of this year.